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Mama Bennett


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Motherhood, Marriage, Family & Lifestyle Influencer. Editorial Photographer 

Destiny Bennett

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Hi friends! My name is Destiny Bennett and I am a millennial wife and mama to three amazing boys. I’m a full time blogger and content creator, and part time editorial motherhood photographer. If you Follow me on social media then you know I have a special place in my heart when it comes to motherhood. My life’s work and purpose revolves around my journey through and connection to motherhood, from my content, to my blog, to my photography. Above being a mother though, I’m passionate about being a light worker. Every part of my journey has been life-changing for me in the best way, and I use every lesson I’ve learned as an opportunity to share, connect and pour into others who can resonate. This extends to my journey through my marriage, my business, and my own self discovery. I’m so blessed to have a community that loves and values the stories I have to share and the information I have to give. So whoever you are and however you got here, I want to say thank you. I hope that being here helps to make your journey a little easier. 

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