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Adult Tantrums

How Not To Lose Your Sh*t

Note: This course is a replay, it is not live.

• Do you struggle with yelling at your child?

• Do you have a hard time calming down when triggered?

• Do you struggle with being compassionate and empathetic when you are frustrated?

This class is an opportunity to learn to regulate your emotions and be the calm in your child's storm.

You CAN learn to regulate your emotions when you're triggered.

You CAN model emotional intelligence and emotional regulation. 

You CAN express your limits and boundaries in a compassionate way.

Meet The Instructor


Destini Ann is a compassionate and relatable source for navigating motherhood! She takes the psychology of parenting and turns it into fun, digestible content for her community. Destini challenges the norms of parenting by offering a safe space to have tough conversations. She teaches with empathy and empowers moms to shift the culture of their homes to more intention, grace, and presence.

Destini Ann

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