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Positive Discipline

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Every parent wants to teach their child how to be the best version of themselves. This is the very essence of the word “discipline” - to teach. However, this word has been grossly misinterpreted for a while. 


This course provides the mindset shift and tools needed to help “discipline” (teach) your child without yelling, spanking, threats or bribing. These discipline strategies will give you the tools to switch from the REACTIVE parent who asks “why does my child never listen” to a PROBLEM-SOLVING parent who says “let me go check my “discipline toolbox”, so I can understand why this behavior is happening, and then figure out the best approach to teach my child a skill to set them up for success”

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


Meet The Instructor

Ngozi Amadasun is a Nigerian born, dentist and a mother who lives in Winnipeg Manitoba. She loves to read books on child psychology in her spare time and has taken up various positive parenting courses to enable her fully grasp the concept ofgentle parenting. Her and her husband have an Instagram page where they share their journey, in the hopes or breaking the generational cycle of punishment-based parenting.

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